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The Graduate Regulations of the University of São Paulo are regulated by Resolution nº. 7493, of March 27, 2018. For more information click here .

Rules of the FMUSP POST-GRADUATION Commission

For more information click here

Other Internal Rules of the Program

1. Attend the following meeting:

General Service Meeting - Thursdays - 11am - 1pm

2. The medical graduate student must participate in at least one outpatient clinic, preferably related to his thesis work.

3. In addition to the meetings and the outpatient clinic, the student must dedicate weekly periods within the discipline area for the preparation of the thesis:

  • Master's - 3 complete periods (excluding subjects)

  • Doctorate - 4 periods - 5 if you are taking a course

4. Students with a CAPES scholarship must attend the PAE Program (Teaching Improvement Program) click here

  • First stage: Pedagogical preparation (mandatory) prepared by the PAE Coordinating Committee at USP (Master and Doctorate).

  • Second stage: Supervised teaching internship that will be developed in undergraduate discipline and cannot exceed 6 hours per week (when the program has a Master's and Doctorate, only in the Doctorate).

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