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The dermatology graduate program was instituted at the beginning (1970) of the stricto sensu graduate regulation in Brazil. In 2020, it completed 48 years of uninterrupted activities in 2019. Created with master's and doctoral courses on March 10, 1973, it was the seventh graduate program to be activated at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo. The first student to be qualified as a master in the program dates from 1979. In the period from 1973 to 2019, the program trained 172 masters and 123 doctors, noting that, in the last few years, around 60% (177) have been qualified among all graduates from the beginning of the program activation. It is the only stricto sensu postgraduate course in dermatology in force in the country, which has, as a proposal, the preparation of teachers and researchers in the study of the skin organ, in health and in disease, and their systemic interrelationships. It receives and prepares students not only from the State of São Paulo, but also from other regions of Brazil and other countries.

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